Importants Dates

The Crazymad writer in black

‘Some Important Dates for the Crazy-mad Writer…’


1955 Born in the Harrovia, Kingdom of Onisha
1960 Began schooling in Bedlam, Onisha City
1966 Began second level of education at ‘Numinous’, Borderline Charter, Onisha
1972 Fell down Sallygap Waterfall, Wicklow, Ireland, while on pilgrimage to the ancient mystic site of Glendalough.
1970’s Sojourned to deepest, darkest Africa, in search of adventure.
1977 Began Numinoustic ‘Followhood of Learning’, at ‘Mystical Surmises’, The Summerland
1980 Embarked on ‘Great Tour of Learning’, to the Far East, Australia and the South Pacific Extremities.
1990 From here on, details of the Crazy-Mad writer’s life are a bit scarce. It is believed that he continued his Numminoustic studies, while travelling extensively between Veils.
2008 The Crazy-mad writer suddenly reappears, ready to take on the world of publishing, to give it a good fright, and to offer children everywhere something strangely new!
 A Note:  During all this time, the Crazy-mad writer also lived a parallel human existence, never allowing anyone to get even an inkling of his true identity and purpose – until he was ready!



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