My Passport

My Passport



The thirteenth day of Septamagesima, in the year of the Numinous.
Colour of Eyes:
Colour of Hair:
Best Characteristic:
I’m a battler – I keep on trying
Worst Trait:
Perhaps a little bit blinkered, at times
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Food: African Peppered Chicken
Favourite Singer: Sarah Brightman
Favourite Television Programme: The Time Team
If I wasn’t an author I’d like to be: A Fashion Designer
Favourite Children’s Author: The Bombardier Grabble-Tooth Writer
My Most Frightening Moment: Falling Down a Waterfall
My Weirdest Moment: When my Socks changed Colour
My Motto:  If I win or I lose, it’s a question of honour. And the way that I chose is a question of honour.I can’t tell what’s wrong or right, if black is white or day is night. But I know that I am right, when I value my honour…


I am The Crazymad Writer of children’s stories.

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