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Welcome to my CRAZYMAD Website

Hello and welcome to my CRAZYMAD website, a place where I try to share with you, the reader, an impression of what it has been like, having to live through, to endure so many weird, wacky and oftentimes wonderful situations that I have found myself in during my CRAZYMAD life. I have no idea why I such things happened to me – but they did. All that that I can think of, can say by way of explanation, is that we all experience CRAZYMAD things during our short time here on earth, but prefer to erase them from our consciousness, preferring to recall only the mundane day-to-day situations that help us to ‘fit in’ and to ‘be normal’.
Our collective consciousness seems to have ‘developed’ to the stage where we prefer to hear and read about ‘celebrities’ and their lives of vulgar excess, rather than living our own lives in which we can follow own dreams and do almost anything we want, if we feel so inclined, that is. Having said that, I invite you to read each and every one of the stories that I have included in my CRAZYMAD website; from my early childhood all the way through to my adult life. And when you have read them, I strongly urge you to look deep within yourself, and to live your own CRAZYMAD life to the full. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy your trip though my CRAZYMAD website, and know you this; each and every story is TRUE!

I may not be J K Rowling, Darren Shan or even Roald Dahl,

but I am The Crazymad Writer, which they certainly are NOT!

Happy reading, everyone.


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