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A Tipple Too Much?

I am your leader, now what’s all the fuss?
I messed up my interview, haven’t you sussed?
It was early, very early, I was tired, I think,
From celebrating our think-in, not from the drink!
Those scurrilous pups who are spreading these lies,
Are a shower of liars intent on my demise,
All that I did was sing a few songs,
And have the odd pint, is that so wrong?
You want to know many pints I drank that night?
I think it was three, no wait, that’s not right,
Perhaps it was four, or was it just five?
Then again, it might have been six, if it was its a lie,
Seven or eight is probably nearer the mark,
Ah, but it was worth it, for I sang like a lark.
Now leave me alone, there is a job to be done,
Like saving our land from freefall, so glum,
I am your leader, now give me some space,
Slagging me off is a national disgrace.
I have a meeting to go to, another think-in, hee haw!
Goodbye and good riddance, now where is that bar?



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