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Brexit means Brexit

Brexit means Brexit.

What can you mean?

Brexit means Brexit.

You are awful mean,

To think you could leave the EU, superb,

I say Brexit you too, you are so absurd.


Brexit means Brexit.

Not YOU again.

Brexit means Brexit.

You are not our friends,

To set out on a path, a self-centered act,

I say Brexit you too, you horrible prats.


Brexit means Brexit,

We mean what we say,

Brexit means Brexit,

We will see far better days,

Goodbye to the EU, its time is near gone,

 Brexit is such a wonderful song.










If Trump was a cat

If Trump was a cat, he would be ever so fat,

Fatter than fat, it’s true

A strut around prat, annoying old gnat,

A doddering, silly old moo.

Rat Cat

Rat cat, Mack,

Scot cat, Jack,

Blade cat, Ron,

Dead cat, gone.

Cat is now gone

Cat was here sat,

Cat is now gone,

Long live the cat,

Rhyme is all done.

The Silly Fat Cat

There once was a cat so fat,

It quickly grew out of its mat,

It grew fatter and fatter,

Just like a Mad Hatter,

Then exploded, the silly fat cat.

meow with cat, cat, cat

A cat is a cat, a fact, a fact,

No one can know what a cat is at,

Unless you with a feline sat,

And meow with cat, cat, cat.


Bony Head Larry

Bony head Larry is what he is called,

A bone instead of a head is installed,

More akin to a chicken that a head of a man,

Bony head Larry – what a weird man!

Leave Me Alone!

Headlamp Harry is an odd bod,

Lamp in his forehead, searching for God,

Despite shiningg it brightly near and quite far,

He cannot find Him, then lets out a roar,

Oh, where are You, he ask of his God,

I am in the pub drinking, He answers, leave me alone!


Sack Cat

There once was a cat in a sack,

That thought it knew where it was at,

It thought the whole world,

Was in that dark swirl,

Of Hessian; what a sad cat.

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