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Noddy and Big Ears were out boating one day

Noddy and Big Ears, while boating one day,

Were caught in a storm and they happened to stray,

Far out to the sea, on an ocean so spare,

They landed on an island, tropical, I declare.


What shall we do? Big Ears cried loud,

We are far from our friends and our spouses, so proud,

I really don’t know, Noddy answered him, then,

He heard rustling in the bushes behind them.


Is it, said Big Ears, cannibals that we face?

I hope not, really hope not, said Noddy, red faced.

Then out from the bushes and the dark trees,

Golliwog appeared and he put them at ease.


Where did you come from? they asked of him,

We thought you were banished, never to return.

I was banished, he explained. Set adrift in a boat,

I was lost to the ocean, a place without hope.


After many days my broken boat landed here,

On this island, this place of beauty so rare

Having water and fruit, I settled down for the wait,

Until I was rescued from this lonely place.


Recognising that fate had sent them that day,

Noddy and Big Ears said, Golliwog you are saved,

Come back to Toyland; we want you there,

We love who you are, black skin and all.


When they were watered and fed with the best,

Yams, coconuts and tree frogs’ sweet legs,

They mended the boat as well as can be,

Then set off for Toyland in fine company.


For ten long days they sailed the seven seas,

Until they smelt fragrance; apple blossom on the breeze,

Ahoy, they called out when they spotted land ahead,

That is Old Blighty, the three of them said.


When they were home, ensconced in their place,

Noddy and Big Ears looked into Golliwog’s black face,

Never again will you be sent away because of your skin,

Be it black or white or green with purple markings.


Next day, as the friends paraded around town,

Everyone was happy to see them return,

And those who banished Golliwog, sent him away,

Were sent to Coventry for many a long day.


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Noddy was a happy chap

Noddy was a happy chap,

In his car; red, blue and yellow,

Driving up and down the road,

He was such a happy fellow,


One day while driving roundabout,

Noddy heard a cry, you see,

Help, help, it called, lest I might die,

I have the flue, said he.


Applying brakes, stopping fast,

Noddy wondered who it was,

Who’s that? he asked, looking around,

His mind was all agog.


It’s me, he answered, it’s Mr Toad,

I am feeling ill and sick,

Bring me to the doctor, please,

Drive your car quick, quick!


Hop in my car you poor, poor thing,

Said Noddy to the Toad,

I’ll bring you there so very fast,

Your feet will touch your nose,


The doc will know just what to do,

He’ll fix you up, real strong,

With pills and potions, drugs and cures,

You won’t be ill for long.


Thank you, thank you, said the Toad,

As he hopped into the car,

I am so sick I cannot wait,

Please drive; it’s not that far.


Doc has so much, said Noddy then,

To cure the ailing patient,

His big injections hit the mark,

Be it flu or constipation.


Big injections? asked the Toad,

Yes, big, so big, for real,

Goodbye, said Toad, I’m off right now,

My flue, it’s gone; I’m healed!


The moral of this story is,

If you are feeling ill,

Don’t ask Noddy for a lift,

Stay at home and take a pill.


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Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie

Runs through the town,

 Upstairs and downstairs in his night gown,

Rapping at the windows,

Crying through the locks,

“I’ve lost my keys, my feet are cold,



Enid Blyton was never like this!



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Noddy and Big ears were out driving one day

Noddy and Big Ears were out driving one day

Noddy and Big ears were out driving one day,

When they heard that poor Golliwog, he just could not stay,

He’s politically incorrect, they were told by their peers,

Golliwog must go; do we make ourselves clear?


Golliwog must go, but how can that be?

He is our dear friend; it just cannot be!

We have had such good times with him and his kin,

Golliwog, you stay, they said with a grin.


Leaning down harder on Noddy and friend,

Their peers chastised them with their words once again,

The powers that be say he is not good for the land,

Or the people within it: Golliwog is banned!


Golliwog is banned? Now we know that you’re bad,

Said Noddy and Big Ears, (they were getting quite mad),

To punish our friend, to exile him in disgrace,

Just because of his skin and the look of his face!


Fighting back harder, Noddy and Big Ears they sang,

We’ll bring you to court, the highest in the land,

We’ll tell then you are racist, for denying our friend,

Our dearest friend, Golliwog, because of his skin.


Aghast and bamboozled that their case it was lost,

Their peers relinquished their grip on the fiendish old plot,

Okay, she said, Golliwog can stay,

Hurray, Noddy cheered, come on, let’s play!



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