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Crazymad, Crazymad, Crazymad man

An Alternative Christmas Song

Crazymad, Crazymad, Crazymad man,
Penning his tales and telling his yarns,
Laughing and prancing with him and his pen,
Now his Crazymad world has begun.

Crazymad, Crazymad, Crazymad man,
With Crazymad rhymes and his Crazymad lines,
Laughing and prancing with Crazymad hair,
And his Crazymad stare.

What a bright time, it’s the right time,
To pass the time of day.

This Crazymad time is a swell time
To spend your time reading night and day,
Read them mad, read them sad, Crazymad mad,
Reading around the clock

Mix and a-mingle; what a Crazymad feat,
That’s the Crazymad,
That’s the Crazymad,
That’s the Crazymad man.

alternative christmas song


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