The Crazymad writer says…

The Crazymad Wrier in yellow

Winters are so long and bleak in the British Isles, I only wish that someone would come along and tow them south, somewhere around the island of Madeaira would be good, so we can all enjoy the good climate, down there.

Some people have told me that the title of my story ‘Jimmy and the Glue Factory, reminds them of Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… All that I can say to them by way of return, is, “Read it. It’s entirely different. And who knows, you might even like it…”

Fle is one of the main characters in ‘Alice on Top of the World’. His forgetful old mother named him this (Fle is elf spelt backwards, you know), thinking it might prove easier for her to remember.

I think probably imagination is my number one attribute. Without it, how could I ever hope to write all of these fantasticagorical stories?

My advice to everyone is to live your life as you want to live it, not as others would have you live it for them.

Every morning, I go into the garden and look up to the sky, above, marvelling at its splendour, pondering how much is actually out there. Thus inspired, realising that anything is possible, I go to my computer and begin writing.

I’m Not Mad!!!

I’m not mad; mad, mad mad,

I’m not mad – not me!

I’m not mad, mad mad, mad,

Mad, mad, mad, oh hee.

I’M NOT MAD, am I?

And on that mad note I’ll bid you adieu.

I am The Crazymad Writer of children’s stories.

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