A Long Time Ago


A Long Time Ago

My story is set many years ago. It was the month of June. I was outside, in the garden, playing with my dogs. Although it was late in the evening, it was still fairly bright. As I threw the ball away from me for the umpteenth time, my dogs, Jessie and Blue, raced after it with as much enthusiasm as the first time I had thrown it. Suddenly, a point of light, lying low in the sky, caught my attention. As I stared incredulously as it, the light grew bigger and bigger, and it moved faster and faster across the evening sky…
Soon, the small point of light I had spotted close to the horizon had grown into a fiery streak, a raging fireball racing across the sky.
I wondered if it was a UFO, packed full of aliens, about to smash into Earth. I watched the unfolding spectacle, in shocked silence.
Apart from my dogs, I was alone. My eyes were glued to it, the Unidentified Flying Object.Although it was blazing a fiery trail, it made not a sound. At least, from where I was standing, I heard none. It was silent, silence personified.
When the UFO (for want of a better word) was directly in front of me, I was astonished at the variety of colors contained within and without the fiery tail spewing from it. I pinched myself in case I dreaming. It hurt. I was fully awake. There was black too, a fiery, smoky blackness the likes of which I had never before seen. Although this happened a long time ago, it had such an effect on me; I remember it as if it was yesterday.
As it raced across the sky, I wished, I so wished I had a camera to record it for posterity, to prove that I did in fact see it. I did consider running indoors, for my parents’ camera, but the UFO was moving so fast, I knew it would be gone before I returned with it.
The fiery spectacle, grew smaller and smaller until it vanished from sight. Although it was gone, I felt honored, privileged to have witnessed such a cosmic spectacle.
Many years have passed since I saw it; years of distractions, worries and concerns that we believe are so important, when they happen, but they are not, not really, compared to what I witnessed that June evening a long time ago…



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