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Holden Sunbird

I owned one of these a long time ago,

though mine did not have a tail gate.


Stories for Children and adults by The Crazymad Writer

Perhaps the BEST children’s

stories in the world


The Crazymad Writer

eBooks for children by The Crazymad Writer

eBooks for children

The Crazymad Writer


I am a Mad Writer, a Crazymad Man

I am a Mad Writer, a Crazymad Man

I am a mad writer,
A craymad man
The crazymad writer,
In rural Ireland,
I live in an old shack,
Writing each day
My stories for children,
Do you want them? I say,

My eBooks are ready,
Download them today,
To your Kindles and tablets,
Then read them, I pray,

You will love them, my stories,
And read them each day,
On your Kindles and tablets,
Until night daylight it fades.

The Crazymad Writer,
Writes on and on,
For your Kindles and tablets,
Until the anon,
Now I’m going, disappearing,
Fading from sight,
Till the next time I see you,
I will bid thee goodbye.


Happy St Patrick’s Day (in advance)

Happy St Patrick’s Day (in advance)


Some People say I am mad

I tell them that I am CRAZYMAD – writer, that is

The Crazymad Writer in red


Brush your teeth every day!

Brush your teeth every day,

Brush your teeth, that’s what they say,

‘Cos if you don’t, they’ll all fall out,

And then you’ll have a gummy mouth!


Tsunami Camera Found

Yu Muroga was doing his job making deliveries when the 11 March 2011 earthquake hit in Japan. Unaware, like many people in the area, of how far inland the Tsunami would travel, he continued to drive and do his job.


The HD camera mounted on his dashboard…..captured not only the earthquake, but also the moment he and several other drivers were suddenly engulfed in the Tsunami.


Muroga escaped from the vehicle seconds before it was crushed by other debris and sunk underwater. His car and the camera have only recently been recovered by the police. The camera was heavily damaged but a video expert was able to retrieve this footage.


Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Has anyone reading this article ever suffered from this syndrome?

I am a sufferer of this syndrome, though I have to admit that the older I get the instances I experience are fewer and fewer.


Steven Spielberg to film Roald Dahl’s ‘BFG’

Steven Spielberg Wallpaper @

Steven Spielberg to film

Roald Dahl’s ‘BFG’

Steven Spielberg will adapt Roald Dahl’s beloved BFG for the big screen, but probably not before he completes his untitled Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks.


According to THR, Spielberg will make BFG for DreamWorks in the early months of 2015, giving him time to squeeze in a “smaller movie” before then.


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