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The BFG at

I came across this little BFG video at and thought you would enjoy seeing it.

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The BFG Poem by Haydon Mitchell

The BFG Poem

by Haydon Mitchell,

Bimbadeen Heights Primary School – Australia

An ominous dark figure stalks down the street.
Sophie’s heart stopped its beat.
Sophie then tried to scream.
Through the slit in the curtain came the moonlight beam.
Sophie’s heart goes “boom, Boom, BOOM,
As a gigantic hand reaches into the room.
Its frightful thing to happen in the middle of the night.
The humungous dark figure gave Sophie quite a fright.
Sophie was taken into the cave,
For this to happen she was very brave!
The glass jars stacked up on the wall.
The BFG was gigantically tall.
Sophie spotted the other giants outside the den,
Sophie said “Wow, they are very big men!
As this story comes to an end.
The BFG is Sophie’s best friend.

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Roald Dahl’s The BFG live action movie to be made

Roald Dahl’s The BFG live action movie to be made

 The BFG new movie

It has been reported that the smash hit children’s book The BFG, which was written by the legendary children’s book author Roald Dahl, is set to be made into a live action movie. It is believed that Dreamworks have picked up the rights to make the movie.
It is believed that Schindler’s List producer Kathleen Kennedy will be joining forces with Back to the Future producer Frank Marshall to produce The BFG. Meanwhile E.T. writer Melissa Mathison is expected to pen the screenplay for the big screen adaptation.

There is no word of who will direct The BFG live action movie, as of yet and there is yet to be any cast linked to the film. The BFG was published back in 1982 and was turned into an animated movie back in 1989 starring David Jason as the voice of the giant. There is currently no release attached to The BFG but it could be sometime before it hits the big screen.

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Steven Spielberg to film Roald Dahl’s ‘BFG’

Steven Spielberg Wallpaper @

Steven Spielberg to film

Roald Dahl’s ‘BFG’

Steven Spielberg will adapt Roald Dahl’s beloved BFG for the big screen, but probably not before he completes his untitled Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks.


According to THR, Spielberg will make BFG for DreamWorks in the early months of 2015, giving him time to squeeze in a “smaller movie” before then.


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