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The Crazymad Writer has done it again
He has stunned the entire world by his generous actions!

Diving deep, headlong, full throttle into the spirit of madness that he knows so well, The Crazymad Writer has stunned the population of the world by his generous and kind actions. You see, he is giving his eBooks away, yes, he is giving them away, absolutely and utterly for free!
All that you have to do is visit his website and choose which ones you want to download. Heck, why not download them all? They are free, after all.
God Bless him, The Crazymad Writer.

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Wolseley Wedge for sale

I saw this for sale on

Austin Princess – Leyland Princess – Wolseley wedge

Wolseley wedge for sale

Last of the line Wolseley for renovation. For Sale (1975)

Here is the text of the advert:

In need of renovation.
Complete car which is well worth saving.
Needing repairs/replacement to three wings, and other bits of panel work around the car, but not a rusk bucket.
Interior pretty good, and suspension should be a straightforward fix. I should be able to help with some of the spares needed. Purchased last year but pressure of work and other cars waiting, means I no longer have the time to devote to getting this car back on the road, which is where this very rare car belongs. Believe there are only six or eight left.

Price: £2500 ono


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I fell down a waterfall; that is a fact,

I fell down a waterfall; that is a fact,
I fell down a waterfall, where were you at?
To have missed such a thing a long time ago?
When I fell into that water, it was ever so cold.


I almost died on that day; a terrible shock,
When the icy cold waters sniggered and mocked,
Bringing me closer to that hole in the ground,
Six feet under in a box coloured brown.

I am not Roald Dahl

This is a TRUE story!


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Daffodil in flower on 19th June

A daffodil in my garden

is still in flower on 19th June

free ebooks

Surely, this is a record!!!



This wonderful, amazing little daffodil finally bid me goodbye (for this year, at least) today, 23rd June 2015..

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Bolf fell in a Hole

Bolf the troll fell in a hole,
He fell in a hole,
While walking one day,
While walking one day,
Not looking the way,
The way he was going.
What a silly old troll.

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Alvin Stardust – Jealous Mind

Alvin Stardust – Jealous Mind

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Alvin Stardust – My Coo Ca Choo

Alvin Stardust – My Coo Ca Choo

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