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Trump verses Kim

I am the President, Trump said to young Kim,

A powerful President, do you think you can win,

Against me, the most powerful man in the world?

You are in for a shock when you what I unfurl.


I can see by your hair, Kim answered, I do,

And also your guns and weapons, it’s true,

But remember I have one hell of a bomb,

Heading your way if you don’t leave me alone

Snarling at Kim, the President dryly replied,

Aren’t you afraid, do you think I have lied?

I can destroy your country despite your crude bomb,

Unless you obey me, you will be dead and gone.


Without offering Trump the chance to reply,

Kim Jong-un made ready to die,

Launching his bomb, a hydrogen feat,

He said you can kill me but I can kill thee.


Feeling the hurt and the blood running down,

Trump said to young Kim I was such a clown,

To have thought I could win against you and your bomb,

We are going to die and no one has won.

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