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The Fertilizer Song

Fertilizer is a thing we don’t always sees,

Though it’s used all the time, know yous this if yous please.

It’s a spread on the ground, all around and around,

The plants that are a needing it, by the once and the pound.

Oh, I’s loves my business, where I’m mining the stuff,

I’s carts it around and then I’s bags it right up.

I’s stores it away until it’s needed, for sure,

T’bring on the plants in a glorious rapport.

I’m the luckiest, here, elf in charge of this mine,

This wonderful place, the luckiest of finds.

And I’s thank my stars that I’s can be of some  help,

T’bring on the plants into a wonderful health.

T’end this here ditty, let me tell yous right proud,

If yous ever come t’visit the top of the world,

Yous’ll get a right welcome, and a tour of this mine,

And yous’ll return home again in a new frame of mind.

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Clown Trump

Don’t be a Dotard, Kim said to Trump,

You are a retard but don’t act so dumb,

Although your rockets are bigger than mine,

It doesn’t mean you are not going to die.

I know your rockets are going to kill me,

You’re too dumb to see that mine will get thee,

That is the lining of the dark, grey cloud,

The US will be rid of one hell of a clown.


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Trump the Insane

Trump, the insane, is at it again,

Uttering profanities, showing distain,

To all who do not see things like he,

Trump destroys then shouts yippee!


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I am Trump.

You are such a dotard.

I said I am trump.

You really are,

A dotard so big you make others look small,

Trump hear me, your hair is absurd.


I am Trump.

Not YOU again.

I am Trump.

You are not my friend,

Your hair will never give you the look,

To impress anyone, you sorely mistook

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Trump verses Kim

I am the President, Trump said to young Kim,

A powerful President, do you think you can win,

Against me, the most powerful man in the world?

You are in for a shock when you what I unfurl.


I can see by your hair, Kim answered, I do,

And also your guns and weapons, it’s true,

But remember I have one hell of a bomb,

Heading your way if you don’t leave me alone

Snarling at Kim, the President dryly replied,

Aren’t you afraid, do you think I have lied?

I can destroy your country despite your crude bomb,

Unless you obey me, you will be dead and gone.


Without offering Trump the chance to reply,

Kim Jong-un made ready to die,

Launching his bomb, a hydrogen feat,

He said you can kill me but I can kill thee.


Feeling the hurt and the blood running down,

Trump said to young Kim I was such a clown,

To have thought I could win against you and your bomb,

We are going to die and no one has won.

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Brexit means Brexit

Brexit means Brexit.

What can you mean?

Brexit means Brexit.

You are awful mean,

To think you could leave the EU, superb,

I say Brexit you too, you are so absurd.


Brexit means Brexit.

Not YOU again.

Brexit means Brexit.

You are not our friends,

To set out on a path, a self-centered act,

I say Brexit you too, you horrible prats.


Brexit means Brexit,

We mean what we say,

Brexit means Brexit,

We will see far better days,

Goodbye to the EU, its time is near gone,

 Brexit is such a wonderful song.

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