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Erdogan Burgers – Beefed up Security

Alice in Wonderland storiesThe German manager of a burger bar in Cologne will start selling “Erdogan-Burgers” again, despite closing for three days because of threats, he told the BBC.

Joerg Tiemann said his Urban Burgery sold the burgers garnished with goat’s cheese as a “satirical answer” to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He has now installed security cameras. BEEFED UP SECURITY.

erdogan burgers

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Madogan, Madogan, what have you done?

Madogan, Madogan, what have you done,

Nurtured an argument, where nobody won,

Ruined your country, what a ‘cool’ bloke,

Instead of peace and prosperity,

There is hardship, not hope.


Please note: any similarity between Madogan and Erdogan,

the President of Turkey, is purely coincidental.

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