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Erdogan Burgers – Beefed up Security

Alice in Wonderland storiesThe German manager of a burger bar in Cologne will start selling “Erdogan-Burgers” again, despite closing for three days because of threats, he told the BBC.

Joerg Tiemann said his Urban Burgery sold the burgers garnished with goat’s cheese as a “satirical answer” to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He has now installed security cameras. BEEFED UP SECURITY.

erdogan burgers

Madogan, Madogan, what have you done?

Madogan, Madogan, what have you done,

Nurtured an argument, where nobody won,

Ruined your country, what a ‘cool’ bloke,

Instead of peace and prosperity,

There is hardship, not hope.


Please note: any similarity between Madogan and Erdogan,

the President of Turkey, is purely coincidental.

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