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Beer, beer, good for the heart

Last weekend my wife said I had too much home brew in my shed, and that I should tip some out.

Not wanting to cause a domestic, I agreed, and set to the task.

However I did not see the sense in wasting it all so I decided that I would tip every second bottle and drink the other.

So, I opened the first bottle and tipped it down the sink. Then I opened the 2nd and drank it.

Then I opened the next bottle and tipped it down the sink, and drank the next bottle. I repeated this 5 times.

Than I unbottled the next open and sinked it down the drink. I then bottled the next drank.

Then I opened the next sink, drank the bottle and poured the tip down the beer.

Next, as the neighbour’s house went past. I opened the next drink and tipped the bottle down the pour.

Next I opened the neighbours house, which I tipped down the sink and bottled the next drank.

I then counted the neighbour’s house, which was three, tipped the beer down the bottle and drank the sink.

Next I opened the sink, which I drank, and poured the neighbour’s house down the bottle.

Some tinkle may peep that I am under the appelince of incahol, which is aslutlee pot nossible.

However I fool so feelish cos the drunker I sit here the longer I get and I do not know who is me.

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Free eBooks for everyone!

Free eBooks for everyone!

Courtesy of The Crazymad Writer

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I am NOT Roald Dahl

I am not Roald Dahl

I am NOT Roald Dahl, no no!

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Austin Princess heater blower resistor wanted

I need a heater blower resistor for my 1979 Austin Princess 2200 HL

The part number DZB3228

See photo below.

Austin Princess

The part includes the wiring shown in the photo.

If you have one, or know where I can get one,

please tell me by sending a comment to this blog.


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Classic Hoges – The Push Bike song.


A bit late for Friday funnies, as its now the early hours of Saturday here in Australia.  Thought I would share some classic Hoges comedy.  Is bicycle riding really dangerous?  Watch and see.

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Witches, werewolves, ghosts, and ghouls

Witches, werewolves, ghosts, and ghouls
Love to frighten little fools.
I’m not frightened! No, not me!
But is t, t, there a ghost behind of me?

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Dunking the Mouse, dunking the Mouse (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice in Wonderland gone MAD

Dunking the Mouse, dunking the Mouse,
What could be better than dunking the Mouse?
Be it with a friend like the Rabbit, so stout,
Or on my lonesome, I love dunking the Mouse.
I open the pot and stick his head in,
And before he’s awoken he’s half the way in.
With Rabbit a-helping, we finish the job,
We put on the lid though Mouse is beginning to sob.
‘Oh please let me out’, he implore us, so meek,
Why should we do that when the tea tastes so sweet?
‘Oh give me a cup of that heavenly brew’,
Says Rabbit to me, ‘and a jam tart for you’.
I pour out two cups and we sit down anew,
With tea and some tarts and with Mouse in the brew,
Then Alice strolls by and unsettles our ruse,
Saving Mouse from his fate and us from the noose.

Alice in Wonderland gone MAD


A new Alice in Wonderland story.

A NEW Alice in Wonderland story


This story, in eBook, format is free to download. CLICK HERE – and enjoy

There are sixteen chapters, in total, in this new Alice in Wonderland story.


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