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I am a poor writer

I am a poor writer; this is quite true,
Writing stories for each one of you,
Tales to intrigue, entertain and mystify,
That’s me, The Crazymad Writer, and I’ll do it until I die.

If you were to ask me, why do I bother at all?
Competing against Rowling, Darren Shan and Roald Dahl,
I would tell you that I LOVE it, writing my stories each day,
And if I ever get famous I would appreciate the pay!

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I am not Roald Dahl

I am not Roald Dahl, I am not that man,
I am not Roald Dahl; it’s not a part of my plan,
The poor man is dead, as dead as can be,
I am not that man, now where is my tea?

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I wish you all a happy World Book Day


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The BFG – NEW MOVIE – Coming Soon

The new BFG movie

is a MUST SEE for children and adults alike

Roald Dahl would LOVE IT

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I am Not Roald Dahl

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I Am NOT Roald Dahl,
I am NOT, no, no!
I am NOT Roald Dahl,
Please let it GO!
I am something quite different,
From that man, it’s a fact,
I am my very own self,
Now where is my cat?

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I am NOT Roald Dahl

I am not Roald Dahl

I am NOT Roald Dahl, no no!

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Oh no, it’s Monday!

Arrrgh, it’s Monday!

Roald Dahl, i ain't.

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I am not Roald Dahl, Darren Shan, J K Rowling or even Derek Landy, I am Gerrard T Wilson, The Crazymad Writer of children’s stories. Although my works are intended for children, adults enjoy reading them also. Here is a list of my stories;
• Tales of the Extraordinary
• Fizzy Cherry Cola
• The Witches
• Alice in Wonderland on Top of the World
• Jimmy, the Glue Factory and Mad Mr Viscous
• Stewed Rhymes
• The Tales of Beetle About
• Children’s Stories from the Viewpoint of a Slug
• Horrible Horace
• The Fog
• A Christmas Fairytale
• Aliens landed in Ballykilduff
• Tales of Childhood (volume one)
• Tales of Childhood (volume two)
• A Christmas Carol Betwixt
• Bolf (A Troll whose idea of a having good time is eating empty cigarette packets)
• The Three Faerie Sisters
• God, dog and Beelzebub (What on earth might that be about?)
• Greengrocer Jack and the Talking Cabbages.
• Wot, Nott, Kakuri and the HU BA HOU (A magical adventure series)

a new fantasy story for Christmas


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I may not be Roald Dahl…

I may not be Roald Dahl, J K Rowling, Darren Shan or even Derek Landy, but I am The Crazymad Writer – and proud of it!
Hello and welcome to my CRAZYMAD website, a place where I try to share with you, the reader, an impression of what it has been like, having to live through, to endure the many weird, wacky and oftentimes wonderful situations that I have found myself in during my CRAZYMAD life. I have no idea why such things happened to me – but they did. All that that I can think of, can say by way of explanation, is that we all experience CRAZYMAD things during our brief stay on earth, but most of us erase them from our consciousness, preferring to recall only the mundane day-to-day situations, that we are comfortable with, that help us to fit in and be ‘normal’.
Sadly, our collective consciousness seems to have ‘developed’ to the stage where we prefer to hear and read about celebrities and their lives of vulgar excess, rather than living our own lives in which we can follow own dreams and do almost anything we want, if we feel so inclined, that is.
I invite you to read my CRAZYMAD stories about my CRAZYMAD life. And when you have read them, I strongly urge you to look deep within yourself, and to live your own CRAZYMAD life to the full. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the read, and know you this; each and every one of the stories about me is true!

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Don’t call me that name, the new Roald Dahl!

The Crazymad Writer writes again.

Don’t call me that name, the new Roald Dahl,

I am not that man, either new or old,

I am a writer, as mad as can be,

The Crazymad Writer; it’s the truth – YIPPEE.

Little green Man


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Roald Dahl’s The BFG live action movie to be made

Roald Dahl’s The BFG live action movie to be made

 The BFG new movie

It has been reported that the smash hit children’s book The BFG, which was written by the legendary children’s book author Roald Dahl, is set to be made into a live action movie. It is believed that Dreamworks have picked up the rights to make the movie.
It is believed that Schindler’s List producer Kathleen Kennedy will be joining forces with Back to the Future producer Frank Marshall to produce The BFG. Meanwhile E.T. writer Melissa Mathison is expected to pen the screenplay for the big screen adaptation.

There is no word of who will direct The BFG live action movie, as of yet and there is yet to be any cast linked to the film. The BFG was published back in 1982 and was turned into an animated movie back in 1989 starring David Jason as the voice of the giant. There is currently no release attached to The BFG but it could be sometime before it hits the big screen.

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