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It’s World Book Day

It’s world book day for me and for you,
It’s world book day, it’s not just for the few,
It’s a day you should read a story or two,
World book day, really, it’s true.

Where might you start on your fabulous quest?
To explore the fine art of reading, no less,
J K Rowling, Roald Dahl or Darren Shan,
No, wait up; I have a much better plan.

The Crazymad Writer is the author for you,
With stories so magical, fantastical and new,
About Alice and Rotter, Jimmy and Mouse,
God and the devil and a haunted old house.

Via this website
You can download his eBooks for free, I kid you not.

free eBooks for everyone!


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I am not Roald Dahl

I am not Roald Dahl, I am not that man,
I am not Roald Dahl; it’s not a part of my plan,
The poor man is dead, as dead as can be,
I am not that man, now where is my tea?

free ebook

I wish you all a happy World Book Day


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