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Are you normal???

Are you normal?

Do you want to be,

A faceless person in a heaving sea,

With no aims, ambitions, dreams or goals,

Just happily plodding along that road?

Are you slowly dying?

Don’t you feel the magic of each new day,

The sounds of laughter as children play,

The warmth of the sun on your back, so good,

The song of birds, the smell of wood?


Are you passing time?   

Don’t you wonder at the sky, so blue?

The start and end so vague to you.

I hear you say, ‘I am happy, still,’

So too is an ant that has no will.



Wake up, wake up!

It’s not too late,

There still is time to change your fate,

Renounce the normal, do something MAD,

Shock them all create a fad.


Be yourself, alive with goals,

With dreams and wonders still untold,

Exult this life in your distinctive way,

It’s yours alone; you must have your say,

Lest you slip into oblivion without a trace…

trumpity trump

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What ever happened to individuality?

What ever happened to individuality? It seems society has become insistent on mimicking those around them, especially who we consider as being better than or having more than us. Why? The fingerprints on our fingers tell us that we are all unique. We have our own paths in this life but for some reason the paths next to us seem a lot better. I don’t believe this to be true.

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