The Chimes (A Goblin Story)


(a FREE eBook you can download)

(A Goblin Story of Some Bells that

Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In)


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There are not many people – and as it is desirable that a story-teller

and a story-reader should establish a mutual understanding as soon as

possible, I beg it to be noticed that I confine this observation neither

to young people nor to little people, but extend it to all conditions of

people: little and big, young and old: yet growing up, or already

growing down again – there are not, I say, many people who would care to

sleep in a church. I don’t mean at sermon time in warm weather (when the

thing has actually been done, once or twice), but in the night, and

alone. A great multitude of persons will be violently astonished, I

know, by this position, in the broad bold Day. But it applies to Night.

It must be argued by night. And I will undertake to maintain it

successfully on any gusty winter’s night appointed for the purpose, with

any one opponent chosen from the rest, who will meet me singly in an old

churchyard, before an old church door; and will previously empower me to

lock him in, if needful to his satisfaction, until morning.


 Click HERE to download this FREE eBook

to your PC, tablet, Kindle or other device.


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