A message from The Crazymad Writer

Hello, you do not have to be mad to be here – but it helps!

Alice in Wonderland storiesWhere do I begin, where can I possibly begin to tell you, to explain how I manage to get through each and every day, trying to avoid one or more crazy-mad interludes erupting, and spoiling it. Confused? Let me explain…

Being a crazy-mad writer is not something one takes lightly. Believe me, it’s a position that comes with a great deal of baggage, a heavy responsibility that I am only too well aware of.

Being a crazy-mad writer, especially one from Harrovia, beyond the veil, in Kingdom of Onisha, is tantamount to being given a life sentence of servitude, a lifetime to awaken those who spend each waking minute – unconscious. Still confused? Please keep on reading…

You see, your brains, your consciousness, if properly enlightened, have no bounds. We are all capable of achieving absolutely anything. But most people’s brains are unconscious, mesmerized into a stupor by that box in the corner of the room.

Television, that’s what’s done it. ‘How do we escape it?’ I hear you ask, ‘for it’s everywhere’. And you’re right, it is everywhere, hypnotizing almost everyone into believing they’re so happy, watching it night after night and day after day – like forever!


Alice in Wonderland storiesThat’s where we come in, the writers, trying to pull you away from your television sets, trying to steer you to other, more productive ways of passing your time.

Unfortunately, spending a lifetime, doing just this, trying to enlighten those unconscious multitudes, has side effects – it makes us writers crazy, crazy like mad.

But we keep on, trying day after day, week after week and year after each, writing our stories, telling you about the uncountable, wondrous, magical things that are out there waiting to be discovered. And little by little, we are etching away at the dominance of that box in the corner, awakening the minds that have slept for too long.

That’s what I do each and every day. It’s enough to drive anyone mad, crazy, and bonkers, for sure!


Alice in Wonderland storieseBooks for everyone, he says.

He is surely mad, mad, mad!

I am The Crazymad Writer of children’s stories.

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