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Hurricane Season

Hurricane warning for Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti as ‘extremely dangerous’ winds of 115mph to batter Caribbean islands. Somebody told me the hurricane season had already ended!!! Please note: Hurricane season is currently defined as the time from June 1st to the end of November.

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The EU is no good

The EU is no good,

Chop it up for firewood,

And if it don’t burn,

Pour on some PETROL,

And have some fun.

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Thank God it’s Friday



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Madness Day

Having embraced the Madness,
Mad times have truly begun,
Marching to the sound of a different drummer,
Enjoying it, enjoying it,
The Madness Day.

Many have abandoned security,
Many abandoned good sense,
To be with us here, with us here,
On the Madness Day.


Open your eyes to Madness Day,
Don’t look back or turn away,
Crazymad times will be here to stay,
I am calling you, calling you,
To the Madness Day.

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Polytar, anyone?

Does anyone know where I can buy Polytar shampoo?

 Polytar shampoo


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St George’s Day 2015

St George’s Day and Leyland Princess, what a GREAT combination!

St George's Day 2015



The First swallow of Summer, 2015

I spotted the first swallow of summer, 2015, on Easter Sunday, 5th April

The first swallow of summer at the Crazymad writer's blog

Happy days.

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