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Ding Dong

Ding Dong Kenny has gone

Cold-hearted Kenny has gone

Ding Dong Kenny has gone

The Brittas Empire

Gordon Brittas is the manager of the Whitbury-Newtown Leisure Centre.

Despite his ambition and good intentions, everything seems to go

wrong when he’s around.

While Brittas is busy dreaming up new ways to make the

lives of his staffmore difficult, his assistant

Laura does her best to keep the Leisure Centre operational.

Helen Brittas meanwhile tries to retain her sanity as she struggles

to cope with her husband.

The Brittas Empire lives again,

Oh, yes it does, or so it is claimed,

By those who loved it while on our TVs,

The Brittas Empire it is a must-see.

If it is back, pray tell me – please do,

Where I can see it, where I can view,

Is it on BBC1 or ITV 2?

Tell me, oh tell me, where I can view.

Ah, I see, understand what you do mean,

Mr Brittas and his crew are eternally screened,

On YouTube, where they live forevermore,

Entertaining us with their antics, for sure.

The Brittas Empire

I love to have a beer with Nigel Farage

I love to have a beer with Nigel,
I love to have a beer with Nige,
We drink in moderation,
And we never ever ever get rollin’ drunk,
We drink at the Rose and Crown,
Where the atmosphere is great,
I love to have a beer with Nigel,
‘Cause Nigel’s me mate, yeah.

Nigel Farage

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