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To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go

To boldly go where no man has gone,

Our intrepid explorers fight the Klingons,

They battles with foes and forces unknown,

Kirk and his crew are so far from home.


Warping past Dwarfs as red as can be,

Streaking through space, and all for the free,

The freedom of choice, for you and for me,

Our intrepid explorers go forward boldly.


Out into the blackness, the fear and the dread,

Kirk and his crew by passion are led,

Explorers by nature, fighters by chance,

Man and machine go boldly ever on.


It was a voyage of years, a mission of five,

That’s all was intended, I tell you no lie,

But forty years later they’re still forging on,

Onwards and upwards boldly going on.

Faster and faster towards a dawn.



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