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Mystic Cola

Mystic Cola, powerful might,

Thunderous magic, hidden from sight,

Disguised by a treat, sugary and sweet,

A shortcut to enlightenment,

The Cryptic Agenda decree.

Alice in Wonderland stories

If this has you thinking,

You would like some of that,

Visit their temple and study their track,

But watch out for that bottle once it’s uncorked,

Lest you are drawn to its magic and inside it are caught!

free eBooks for everyone

Free eBooks for everyone

courtesy of the Crazymad Writer – ARRRGH.


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An Alice in Wonderland Christmas story – for free

 photo f50b7fe7-1bb4-437d-869e-bdaef5f16e7f_zpsa17mk0vv.jpg

An Alice in Wonderland Christmas story – for free


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Alice in Wonderland Christmas

An Alice in Wonderland

Christmas story – FOR FREE

A New Alice in Wonderland story for Christmas

Alice in Wonderland and Fle set about making some Arcanum.

Alice in Wonderland, and Fle (he's a very old elf).

A brand-new Alice in Wonderland story.

A new Alice in Wonderland story.

An Alice in Wonderland Christmas story.

Alice in Wonderland Christmas story; free eBook download

An Alice in Wonderland Christmas story.

Alice in Wonderland Christmas story; free eBook download

A free Alice in Wonderland Christmas story.

An Alice in Wonderland Christmas story


Merry Christmas, everyone.



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Wot and Nott’s Race Against Time

Part One – The Fabled Crest

Wot and Nott’s Race Against Time FREE eBook download

free ebook


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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down

My name is Slimy and, like my best friend Sluggy, I am a slug. Sluggy is older than I am by three full days. Moreover, he is famous. Everyone in the garden, including the lowly snails, knows Sluggy, and everyone one of us aspires to be just like him when we grow up.
With his twenty-first birthday fast approaching (twenty-one days, that is), Sluggy wanted a party, a big party. Because we like him so much, it was no problem, no problem at all to honour his wish. We set about organising it, the party of the week, the party to beat all others, the celebrity slug party that soon had the whole garden buzzing with excitement…

a free eBook for you

A Free eBook especially for you


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The Circus of Grotesques

A free eBook for YOU!

free ebooks

The Circus of Grotesques: it will change your life FOREVER.An odd, bizarre and definitely STRANGE short story. Moreover, it’s absolutely and utterly free!

Click HERE to download this eBook


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Mind my Unguarded Brain

Johnny was a barber; he loved his job, he did,
Cutting people’s hair and mowing other wigs.
Until one day he reeled back, shocked by what he saw,
A hole in the head of a customer, a man so old and poor,
Why don’t you go to the doctor? he asked the man out loud,
To get it fixed, filled in quick, that’s what I’d do, he cried,
No, I can’t do that, the old man then answered him,
I’ve had it there for forty years; it’s a part of me, he grinned,
I would miss that hole in my head; he went on to explain,
Please trim my hair but mind my unguarded brain.

free eBooks for everyone!

Free eBooks for everyone!


I am not Roald Dahl

It’s the way I tell ’em, so it is!


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