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I am a Mouse, it said proudly to her

I am a Mouse, it said proudly to her,
A poor little Mouse, you can tell by my fur,
My paws and whiskers give also a hint,
And the tail at my end is most significant.


I can see by your fur, said Alice – I do,
And also your paws and whiskers – it’s true,
But the tail at your end has me feeling quite sick,
Wriggling and squiggling ever so quick.


Still quite clearly, the Mouse replied,
You’d never believe it; you’d think it a lie,
If my tail didn’t move about in this house,
You would believe I was a poor Mouse.


Without offering Alice the chance to reply,
The Mouse let out a very long sigh,
Then creeping towards her, until ever so near,
He jumped on her shoulder and kissed her left ear.


Feeling such love for the poor little thing,
Alice stroked it and started to sing,
You are a real treasure, Mouse with a tail,
Wriggly and squiggly, hearty and hail.


A new Alice in Wonderland story.

An Alice in Wonderland Christmas story

A NEW Alice in Wonderland story


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There are sixteen chapters, in total, in this new Alice in Wonderland story.


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