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Clown Trump

Don’t be a Dotard, Kim said to Trump,

You are a retard but don’t act so dumb,

Although your rockets are bigger than mine,

It doesn’t mean you are not going to die.

I know your rockets are going to kill me,

You’re too dumb to see that mine will get thee,

That is the lining of the dark, grey cloud,

The US will be rid of one hell of a clown.


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Trump verses Kim

I am the President, Trump said to young Kim,

A powerful President, do you think you can win,

Against me, the most powerful man in the world?

You are in for a shock when you what I unfurl.


I can see by your hair, Kim answered, I do,

And also your guns and weapons, it’s true,

But remember I have one hell of a bomb,

Heading your way if you don’t leave me alone

Snarling at Kim, the President dryly replied,

Aren’t you afraid, do you think I have lied?

I can destroy your country despite your crude bomb,

Unless you obey me, you will be dead and gone.


Without offering Trump the chance to reply,

Kim Jong-un made ready to die,

Launching his bomb, a hydrogen feat,

He said you can kill me but I can kill thee.


Feeling the hurt and the blood running down,

Trump said to young Kim I was such a clown,

To have thought I could win against you and your bomb,

We are going to die and no one has won.

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Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un

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Kim Jong-un

A mad, short rhyming story about Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.

A skit.

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