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I had a little sock tree

I had a little sock tree
Nothing would it bear,
But some little red socks,
And what a scruffy pair.


The queens of England’s son,
Came to visit me,
All because of
My little sock tree.


When he saw my sock tree,
And the scruffy pair.
He staggered back, aghast,
At the colour, rare.


He said, they are fine socks,
I must have them – I must,
How much do you want,
For the pair, he asked.


I told him that my socks,
Are not for sale – are not,
He replied, I must have them,
I’ll pay a pretty bob.


How much will you pay?
I asked, intrigued, a bit,
He said, I’ll pay ten thousand pounds,
Here they are, I said.


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