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Do you want to be certified?

Do you want to be certified as a true practitioner of Mysticology and Magic?

Simply right click on the certificate, below, and save it to your computer.

Then print it, and write your name in the space provided.

You will then be an honorary member of the Onishian

Brotherhood of Mystics.

Fantasy stories for children and adults


Stories for children and adults by The Crazymad Writer – ARRRGH.


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I am a Mad Writer…

children's stories

I am a mad writer,
A Craymad man
The Crazymad Writer,
In rural Ireland,
I live in a shack,
Writing each day
My stories for children,
Will you read them? I say,
My eBooks are all ready,
So download them today,
To your Kindles and tablets,
Then read them, I pray,
You will love them, my stories,
And read them each day,
On your Kindles and tablets,
Until night daylight it fades.
The Crazymad Writer,
Writes on and on,
For your Kindles and tablets,
Until the anon,
Now I’m going, disappearing,
Fading from sight,
Till the next time I see you,
I will bid you goodnight.


Stories for children and young at hear adults

by ME, The Crazymad Writer – ARRRGH


99 cent eBooks you can download today.

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The Crazymad Writer

 The Crazymad Writer in red

eBooks for children and young at heart adults only 99 cents each



Click HERE to visit my online book shop

and download one today.


I don’t care WHAT you call me

as long as you enjoy reading my stories


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Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie

Runs through the town,

 Upstairs and downstairs in his night gown,

Rapping at the windows,

Crying through the locks,

“I’ve lost my keys, my feet are cold,



Enid Blyton was never like this!



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Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

It will soon be Christmas

Stories for children and young at heart adults




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Harry Potter? No, silly, it’s Harry ROTTER

Harry Potter?

No, silly, she’s Harry ROTTER




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Perhaps the best children’s stories in the world

Perhaps the best children’s stories in the world



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Merry Christmas Reading

Merry Christmas Reading

Stories for children and young at heart adults



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I am Man

I am man,

Born of woman; man,

I stand for all that is right,

I am man,

I fight injustice and bias,

I am man,

I will NEVER allow Neanderthals to get the upper hand,

For I am man, of woman, with woman, against Neanderthal man.




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Bolf was a Troll; and he had a little bag

Bolf was a troll, and he had a little bag,

And he filled it up with trash, trash, trash;

Then he looked inside, and said to himself,

What a fine haul, what a stash, stash, stash.


When he brought it home to his troll wife Joan,

And he told her to look inside, side, side,

She gazed in the bag and sang out with joy,

Such a fine stash of trash, trash, trash.


Then they both sat down and ate the fine meal,

The very best meal they had, had, had, had.

The junk and the trash, and the tins and the crass,

Eaten with relish were soon gone, gone, gone.



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