Noddy was a happy chap

26 Feb

Noddy was a happy chap,

In his car; red, blue and yellow,

Driving up and down the road,

He was such a happy fellow,


One day while driving roundabout,

Noddy heard a cry, you see,

Help, help, it called, lest I might die,

I have the flue, said he.


Applying brakes, stopping fast,

Noddy wondered who it was,

Who’s that? he asked, looking around,

His mind was all agog.


It’s me, he answered, it’s Mr Toad,

I am feeling ill and sick,

Bring me to the doctor, please,

Drive your car quick, quick!


Hop in my car you poor, poor thing,

Said Noddy to the Toad,

I’ll bring you there so very fast,

Your feet will touch your nose,


The doc will know just what to do,

He’ll fix you up, real strong,

With pills and potions, drugs and cures,

You won’t be ill for long.


Thank you, thank you, said the Toad,

As he hopped into the car,

I am so sick I cannot wait,

Please drive; it’s not that far.


Doc has so much, said Noddy then,

To cure the ailing patient,

His big injections hit the mark,

Be it flu or constipation.


Big injections? asked the Toad,

Yes, big, so big, for real,

Goodbye, said Toad, I’m off right now,

My flue, it’s gone; I’m healed!


The moral of this story is,

If you are feeling ill,

Don’t ask Noddy for a lift,

Stay at home and take a pill.


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