Where is the Map?

02 May

Where is the Map?

My bones are cold,
I found it hard to sleep last night,
My bones are old,
I’ll need more rest tonight.
If the weather turned warmer, and very soon,
I might just make it through till June,
I feel as though my end is neigh,
If it rains any more I will certainly cry.
Oh, where is the sun, has it forever gone?
Oh, where is the sun, is it on the run?
From me and you and them as well?
Are we just living in our own hell?
I need the light I crave the sun,
There must be more to life than run, run, run,
Trying to escape the hell of the poverty trap,
There must be more! Oh where is the map?

I must find the map!


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Posted by on May 2, 2014 in humor, humour, poems



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