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Noddy and Big Ears – but Golliwog is Banned!

Noddy and Big Ears were out driving one day,
When they heard that Golliwog was not allowed to stay,
He’s politically incorrect they were told by their peers,
Golliwog must go; do we make ourselves clear?

Golliwog must go, but how can that be?
He is our dear friend, this just cannot be!
We have had such good times with him and his kin,
Golliwog, you stay, they said with a grin.

Weighing down harder on Noddy and friend,
Their peers chastised them with their words once again,
The powers that be say he is not good for this land,
Or the people within it; Golliwog is banned!

Golliwog is banned, now we know that you’re bad,
Said Noddy and Big Ears, (they were really quite mad),
To punish our friend, to exile him in disgrace,
Just because of his colour, the look of his face!

Fighting back harder, Noddy and Big Ears they sang,
We’ll bring you to court, the highest in the land,
We’ll tell them you are racist for denying our friend,
Our dearest friend Golliwog, and also his kin.

Aghast and bamboozled that their case it was lost,
Their peers relinquished their grip on the plot,
Okay, they conceded, Golliwog can stay,
Hurray, Noddy cheered, come on, Golly, let’s play!

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Skulduggery’s Afoot

Skulduggery’s afoot; did you hear him say,
Trouble’s abroad and that means TODAY?
It’s time to get out there and face the Faceless Ones,
Skulduggery and friend; his best number one.

Skulduggery is dead; he is only some bones,
Traipsing through of Dublin, appearing alone
Then, just as we think he is finished – again,
Valkyrie appears and saves her best friend.

Derek Landy, a cabbage farmer by trade,
Was inspired to create this detective and aid,
While tending his crops in the field one day,
He shouted, Eureka, I have it; I’m made!

I won’t have to tend cabbages anymore,
Working the fields until my back is quite sore,
Skulduggery and partner will give me it all,
Money and fame; I will have such a ball.

So it’s goodbye from Derek and adios from me,
He’s off to the bank and I’m off to a field,
Searching through cabbages for some ideas of my own,
Like The Crazymad Detective and his sidekick called Bones.

Nah, that’s no good, it’s too corny. Now let me see…
Ah, I have it, Doctor Bones and his Grievous Travelling Palaces.
That certainly has a ring to it.
Pardon, you want to know what a Travelling Palace happens to be?
Hah, that’s easy to explain.
No! I won’t tell you! Read Alice in Wonderland on Top of the World On Top of the World.
And when you have read it you will understand what they are.

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