I am Merkel, I am

15 Jan

I am Merkel, I am,
She said as she slammed,
Her fist on the table one day,
Then after that act,
She donned her hard hat,
And directed her troops on their way,
Their way to the front,
The EU affront,
To all we hold dear I do say
The EU import,
More important than thought,
For democracy, freedom, fair play.
But the time it will come,
When the bad is undone,
When the people of Europe will say,
Away with you lot,
Your heads for the block,
Our leaders will stand there and pay,
On the gallows up high,
They will pay for their lies,
The lies that inflicted such pain,
And when that day comes,
When the EU has gone,
The people of Europe will pray,
That the likes of those brats,
Brussel Eurocrats,
Will never ever darken our days.


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Posted by on January 15, 2016 in EU


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