An Irexit: the opportunities for Ireland outside the EU.

11 May

Alice in Wonderland storiesIreland should signal to the World that it ill follow the UK if it leaves the EU. We can use the opportunity at th every least to negotiate a better deal on Debt, on Fishing, on Taxation, on Immigration, and on our Energy Policy.

Ireland needs free trade with China, Japan, India and the USA, and is prevented from having free trade through EU membership.

The EU accounted for €5,151 million or 53 percent of total goods exports of which €1,496 million went to Belgium and €1,153 million to Great Britain. The US was the main non-EU destination accounting for €2,329 million or 24 percent of total exports.

If Britain leaves the EU most of our trade would lie outside the EU and this is the market set to grow most.
Leaving the EU would restore our Democracy, as a fundamental principle of democracy is that one government and Parliament cannot bind another. Greek voters learned they can no longer change economic policy, however bad the existing one may be.

The argument of Pooled Sovereignty making us stronger is nonsense as our politicians are in denial about how much power we have thrown away.

The Irish voice at the table of 28 is not heard or heeded. The EU is not a mutual benefit Trade Club. It is on a reckless ride to Political Union, based on Socialism and Stagnation.

The Single European Currency has been a disaster, and has been at the root of Ireland’s economic collapse of 2008. Being in the EU exposes us to the political tension in Eastern Europe and to the risk of energy security arising from withdrawal of access to Russian Gas.

The EU has no intention of allowing us to set our own tax rates as evidenced by the Google Tax debacle.
Irish Farmers and Fishermen would be much better off outside the EU.



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