Free eBooks for everyone!

18 Jun

If you are looking for free eBooks

then this is the place for you,

because all of my eBooks are free. ENJOY.

I am a mad writer; this is quite true,
Writing stories for each one of you,
Tales to intrigue, entertain and mystify,
That’s me, the mad writer; I’ll do it ’til I die.

If you were to ask me, why do I bother at all?
Competing against Rowling, Shan and Roald Dahl,
I would say that I love it, writing each day,
And if I happen to get famous would appreciate the pay!

Alice in Wonderland stories

The Fog,


The Witches,

Alice in Wonderland Christmas,

HARRY, oh she is a Rotter!

Mad Mr Viscous,

Slug Talk,

Beetle About,

Horrible Horace,

The Three Faerie Sisters,

Bertie the beetle,


The Circus of Grotesques,

Cracks in the Pavement,

Danger is my Middle Name,

The School Fete,

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the E.U. But Were Afraid to Ask,

Hobnail Boots,

I Fell Down a Waterfall,

Christmas: A Carol Betwixt,

Aliens Landed in Ballykilduff,

Skewed Rhymes,

A Beer in a Burger Bar,

And a whole lot MORE!!!


And, remember, my eBooks are, and will always be, FREE, FREE, FREE.

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