Dear Megan O’keeffe

21 Dec

From Father Christmas’ Workshop, The North Pole


Dear Megan,

Ho ho ho, it’s almost Christmas. Thank you so much for the letter you sent to me. I have read it from beginning to end and will do all that I can to give you the presents you would like to receive. Moreover, why shouldn’t I because you have been a really good child the entire year! Although it’s not looking at all like you are going to get a white Christmas over there in Ireland it will surely be a white Christmas here at the top of the world. Truthfully, it’s white here every day of the year! Yes, I know that some people and children alike think I live in Lapland, but in all honesty that is only a base, one of many I use to get the children’s presents to them on time each Christmas Eve.

Well, Megan, I had better sign off for now as I still have a lot to do before I set off this coming Christmas Eve.


Santa, Father Christmas, for sure.

PS My favourite tipple and treat is mince pie and a glass of brandy.

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