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Time never existed

Time does not exist,

Ah, but here’s the twist,

It’s always NOW.

 No before or then,

No happy ever after,

For mice and men.

It’s NOW,

It has always been NOW,

Before and after,

Is just a silly dream.



TIME – Does it REALLY exist?

TIME – Does it REALLY exist?

Time will come, time will go
Time shall reap, that time has sown

Time comes slowly, time goes fast
Time will linger, time outlasts

Time sees all, time knows best
Time remembers, time never forgets

Time will hide, time will reveal
Time will open, time will seal

Time brings hope, time brings fear
Time brings distance, time draws near

Time will help, time will hinder
Time will shine, time turns to cinder

We forget about time, yet it’s all we would know
In time, there is everything, and time will show

Nate Hawk

TIME – Does it REALLY exist?



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