Christmas is Coming

24 Oct

Eyes a Popping

Today I went,

Christmas shopping,

Eyes a popping,

So much to see.


All around me,

Things to buy,

This is now my,

Time to live.


I make a purchase,

Then another,

It’s no wonder,

I am confused!


Lights a sparkle,

Christmas glory,

Festive story,

All around.


Each queue I join,

More souls to greet,

To chat and meet,

And share the time.


When my shopping’s over,

It’s time to ponder,

The meaning of,

Christmas day.


The Christ boy-child,

Came down to earth,

Of virgin birth,

Heralding peace and joy.


So, do remember,

This, here, story,

Don’t be sorry,

And share your luck,

With those in need.


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