Crisis, what crisis?

06 Mar

Crisis, what crisis? he asked, looking on,

There is no crisis; it’s a part of the plan,

A plan to tax you for all you are worth,

And then some, and more; haven’t you heard?


A New World Order is coming your way,

A world of plenty, for some, if you do what we say,

Sitting up high, like emperors, we think,

We will dish out pennies to the masses, so dim.


 You voted for us, what more can I say?

We can do anything we like; it’s the New World Order way,

When you voted us in, you signed away your birth right,

Freedom and liberty and all of that tripe.


You want to know what my associate has to say?

I’ll get him; here he is, to illuminate your day,

Hello, I am here, now what’s all this fuss?

Haven’t you heard that it’s time to kick ass?


Taxes, yes taxes, is the answer, I say,

More taxes on the petrol and diesel today,

Heating oil and coal will go the same way,

So also with gas and electricity, I pray.


When we’ve taxed you so much, you can’t even think,

We will tax you some more, to push you over the brink,

Into poverty, hardship; destruction without hope,

Trapped, burdened by the New World Order yoke.


Although it’s a quarter to midnight, there still is some hope.

Wake up, wake up, this is certainly no joke,

Politicians and bankers are intent on one thing

Destroying our lives; we must not let them win.


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One response to “Crisis, what crisis?

  1. Brianna

    December 6, 2022 at 7:07 am

    Great rread thank you



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