The Witches are Here!

07 Mar

The witches are here,

I tell you no lie,

They arrived yesterday,

Flying down from the sky,

Upon their dark broomsticks,

Their hearts cruel and cold,

The witches are here,

Searching for souls.


They are searching for souls,

To enslave and entwine,

In a world of dark power,

And bitter sweet wine,

Be careful lest they see you,

And caress you with guile,

It’s your soul they are after,

Not your innocent smile.


If you doubt me,

I dare you to stray,

Outside, in your garden,

At midnight, I say,

Where you will hear them,

The witches, cackling away,

Planning your end,

In a tormented way.


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Posted by on March 7, 2014 in humor, humour, poems



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