What goes around comes around

11 Mar

What goes around comes around

When the minister responsible for intruding these abominations announced their arrival, he told us, he promised us, that they were going to be operating OVERTLY.

What he didn’t tell us, though, was that it was only for six months.
After that they have been operating covertly as was the plan
from the outset.

Is there such a thing as a politician who can actually tell the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH, without misleading the populace in the process?

It was no April Fool’s Day yesterday — but it might well have been, watching the shenanigans going on. And it was certainly no joke for the driver of a clamped mobile speed-camera van. The van was clamped on Dublin’s Pembroke Road and the driver had to stump up €80. Dublin City Council confirmed that the van was owned by GoSafe, the private company that operates the mobile speed-camera service around the country for the gardai. It is understood that the van was clamped because it did not have a valid permit. The gardai would not comment yesterday.


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