Ireland is (sadly) a Cesspit

12 Mar

Ireland is a cesspit,

Mired by bankers’ waste,

Brought down by their corruption,

Destroyed – and with such haste.


Where, oh where is the justice,

To punish these men of shame,

To make THEM pay for what they did,

Why aren’t THEY held to blame?


Why is it us, the average man,

And woman who takes the pain?

What did WE do, to be punished so,

We are CERTAINLY not to blame.


I think it’s all a part of some,

Big plan by those up high,

To take control of the world’s affairs,

To enslave us until we die.


You might laugh me, and say I’m mad,

Thinking such things – and how,

But the day will come; you’ll see that I’m right,

I only wish you’d see it now.


I say remove those jerks, those men in suits,

Each and every one,

Politicians too; they are just as bad,

Don’t rest until they are all gone.


Let’s start a New World Order, I say,

In which we, the people, soar high,

Where we can live in peace and wealth,

Unchained from corrupt men’s lies.


This day will come, make no mistake,

Men in suits, bereft of sense,

You will be punished, held accountable,

You’ll get your comeuppance!


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Posted by on March 12, 2014 in humor, humour, Ireland, poems


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