Sugar; one lump or two?

12 May

Sugar; one lump or two?

I am a poor mouse, it said sadly to her,
A very poor mouse, you can tell by my fur,
So ragged and reek, split ends I am sure,
I am a poor mouse – will you confer?
Yes, you are a poor mouse, Alice dryly replied,
An abysmally poor one – can I take you aside?
For the Hatter, so mad, is searching for you,
To stuff into his pot with its heavenly brew.
Oh I am lost, the mouse cried out in shock,
The Hatter, so mad, wants me inside his pot,
And the Rabbit, so white, with his blackest of souls,
Will keep you in there ‘til you’ve expired – so I’m told.
What can I do – oh, Alice, please help,
Save my life, my moth eaten old pelt.
I cannot save you, for the Hatter and Rabbit are here,
And I am so thirsty – where’s your pot my old dears?
The pot it is here, the Hatter and Rabbit replied,
Quick, squeeze him inside, that’s where he’ll reside,
Amidst the tea leaves, mixed up with the brew,
The Mouse will make history. Sugar; one lump or two?




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