I am a Vampire, she said staring at him

07 Oct

stories for children and adults

I am a Vampire, she said staring at him,
A very old Vampire, you can tell by my skin,
My eyes and expression give also a hint,
And my pointed, sharp teeth give more than a hint.


I can see by your skin, he answered, I do,
And also your eyes and expression; it’s true,
But the stare on your face has cast a strange spell,
Making me trust you, despite not feeling well.


Still staring at him, the Vampire replied,
You’d never believe me; you’d think I had lied,
If the stare on my face was gone; it’s a fact,
No one would trust this salty old Cat.


Without offering him a chance to reply,
The Vampire went on with her horrible lie,
Then, creeping closer, so close to the deck,
She pounced, lashed out, and bit his bare neck.


Feeling the hurt and the blood running down,
He said, Oh, I was such a clown,
To have trusted a Vampire because of her look,
Drained of all blood, my life is forsook!

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