So Much to See

04 Dec

Eyes a Popping

christmas stories by the Crazymad Writer

Today I went Christmas shopping,

Eyes a popping, so much to see.


All around me things to buy,

This is now my time to live.


I make a purchase, then another,

It’s no wonder I am confused!


Lights a sparkle, Christmas glory,

Festive story, all around.


Each queue I join, more souls to greet,

To chat and meet, and share this time.


When shopping’s over, it’s time to ponder,

The meaning of Christmas day.


The Christ boy-child, cahe down to earth,

Of virgin birth, heralding peace and joy.


So, do remember this here story,

And share your luck with those in need.



A New Alice in Wonderland story for Christmas

Alice in Wonderland and Fle set about making some Arcanum.

A new Alice in Wonderland Christmas story


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