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Free eBooks for everyone!

Free eBooks for everyone!

But only until Christmas!

A New Alice in Wonderland story for Christmas

Alice in Wonderland and Fle set about making some Arcanum.

Fizzy Cherry Cola at the Crazymad Writer's blog

The Tales of Beetle About at the Crazymad Writer's blog

A Christmas Carol Betwixt

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There once was a Slug called Reilly

The Crazymad Writer

There once was a slug called Reilly,
Who was incredibly slimy,
He thought he was smart,
Going out in the dark,
Until he fell down in a hole, did Reilly.

While stuck in that dark place,
Reilly thought about his life and his fate,
About the jerk he had been,
To everyone he had seen,
So he promised to be good, did Reilly.

Suddenly, a stick falling into the hole,
Presented a way to escape from it all,
Freed from that space,
Reilly forgot his promise, though great.
And returned to his bad ways, did Reilly.

One day when Reilly was alone,
He forgot to cover up his dank home,
It was an incredibly hot day,
The sun shone brightly away,
Drying him up, that slug, old Reilly,

The moral of my story is this,
Treat everyone you meet with a wish,
That their life is just fine,
Untroubled by…

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A lovely new gear lever gaiter

I got a lovely new gear lever gaiter for my Austin/Leyland Princess.

Austin Princess gear lever gaiter

A Merry Christmas, in advance, to you all.

Here is the link to the eBay store that supplied it. … 7675.l2563

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Albert Einstein Talks About Aliens

Albert Einstein talks about aliens – really!

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I am laughing Larry

I am Laughing Larry, Laughing Larry today,
I am laughing Larry, Laughing Larry hey hey!
You may think I’m not too serious, and I might even agree,
But I’m still Laughing Larry, Laughing Larry hee hee.


A new Alice in Wonderland story!

Alice in Wonderland Christmas story



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Mr Bean #2 boils an egg!

Beans, beans, good for the heart,

The more you eat the more you laugh,

You thought I was going to say FART, didn’t you?

Oh, crikey, I have gone and said it, FART,

God, I said FART again!

NO, NO, not again!

I am off now in case I say FART yet again,

ARRRGH, I give up, bye!

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Mr Bean – Christmas Scene video VERY FUNNY

The Crazymad Writer

Mr Bean – Christmas Scene



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Saint Ignatius RC Primary School Sunbury-on-Thames past pupils 1965

Saint Ignatius RC Primary School (the old old)

Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex

Past pupils 1959 – 1965 list

Were these people in your class, and if so can you add to the list?

Charles Whittle

Christine Pereira

Christopher Wood

Bernard Molloy

Robert Cooley

Angela Lee

Marlyn Walters

George Rupniak

Tommy Sutton

Gerrard Wilson

Margaret King

Timothy Moriarty

Plus ???

Please tell me the names of the other people in this, my class, that I cannot remember.

Has anyone got any photos of the old school before it burned down?

If you have information please email it to me. Thanks.

Signed: Gerrard Wilson


St Ignatius RC School

St Ignatius Church, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, England.

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