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The Blood Moon

I saw the Blood Moon through my window last night,
I saw the Blood Moon; I got such a fright,
As it hung in the sky in the deep of the night,
I was scared and amazed at the beautiful sight.

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A Shadowy Sight

I saw a lone figure, a shadowy sight,
While walking the woods one dark wintry night,
So I quickened my pace and hurried my step,
To escape its attention and forget we had met.

The mysterious figure following my route,
Shadowing my steps, copying my truth,
Never let up despite my great pains,
To escape its attention and break free of its reign.

Minutes passed, hours and then days,
Weeks followed by months and years deathly grey,
Until one dark wintry night while walking the same wood,
I confronted the thing that held onto my truth.

Having prevailed over fear, I could see what it was,
An angel, a guardian angel, sent down from above,
Then it opened its wings, showing me the light of my life,
And I welcomed it into my soul with delight.

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