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Doctor Who and the Daleks


Doctor Who and the Daleks
‘Doctor Who and the Daleks?’ I hear you say,
‘Who can they be, and what an affray,
On our minds and our wits at this time of appeal,
Of recession, so biting, and scares very real.’

It’s the DOCTOR, I tell you, the DOCTOR, that’s WHO,
And as for the Daleks, well, my mind is askew,
If I were to explain who they in fact are,
I’d need several years, and still not get far.

‘Oh, the DOCTOR, THE DOCTOR,’ you answer me back,
‘Why didn’t you say so, why didn’t you track,
The way I was feeling, so peeved by the mire,
Unlike our politicians, in splendid retire.

In splendid retire, ensconced in their towers,
Of ivory white, not grey and ragged like ours.
But they’ll get their comeuppance, of that I am sure
When the Daleks exterminate these pariahs.’



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Merry Christmas from Dalek Zeg (what did you expect, a turkey?)

Merry Christmas from Dalek Zeg


Dalek Zeg And His Friend


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