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St Michan’s Church (Dublin, Ireland)

St Michan’s Church (Dublin, Ireland)

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Cool is my game

I am Henry, a cat, and cool is my game,
Strutting through Castleknock, looking for dames,
Sweet chicks to fondle pamper and delight,
Meowing them sweetly while giving the eye,
It’s a cat thing I do, please try to understand,
It’s why I am here in this fair and green land,
Creating my offspring, far too many to count,
I have to dash off now; I see a cat I can mount.


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Skytrain(Eternity Calling)

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Skytrain (Eternity Calling)

Skytrain, high train, charging, charging,

Fly train – my train; harken, harken,

To its whistle, blowing, blowing,

Life’s so fast; it’s going, going,

Ebbing from our bodies, groaning,

As Time’s cold scythe cuts through the gloaming


Listen, listen – I hear it calling,

Ignore it at your peril – warning!

Before your days are gone and over,

Join me in this bright sky rover

And across the heavens we’ll travel, listening,

To the sounds of eternity whispering,

Within our hearts, our chi resplendent,

At one with god; in peace never ending. Amen.


Halloween in Ireland

St Michen’s Church vaults, Dublin

Are you BRAVE enough to go see them?

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The Dubliners – In The Rare Old Times

The Dubliners – In The Rare Old Times


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Skulduggery’s Afoot

Skulduggery’s afoot – can you hear him say,
‘Trouble’s abroad; that means TODAY’.
It’s time to get out there, to face the Faceless Ones,
Skulduggery and friend, his best number one.

Skulduggery might be dead, no more than some bones,
Traipsing through of Dublin, appearing so alone
Until just when think that he has met his match (once again),
Out pops Valkyrie, saving him from an untimely end.

Derek Landy, a cabbage farmer by trade,
Was inspired to create this detective and aid,
While tending his crops in the field one day,
He shouted, ‘Eureka, I have it, I’m made!’

‘I won’t have to tend cabbages, no more,
Working the fields until my back is so sore,
Skulduggery and partner will give me it all,
Money and fame – I will have such a ball.’

So it’s goodbye from him, and adios from me,
He’s off to the bank and I’m off to a field,
Searching for inspiration, for ideas of my own,
Like ‘The Crazy-mad detective and his sidekick called Bones.’Nah, that’s no good, it’s too corny… Now let me see… Ah, I have it, Doctor Bones and his Grievous Travelling Palaces. That certainly has a ring to it. Pardon? Oh, you want to know what a travelling palace actually is, and what it entails. Hah, that’s easy, simply click on the link, below. There are a number of them in my story Alice on Top of the World.


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