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Nobody Ever Liked a Sprout

Merry Christmas from the BBC and me

At Christmas EVERYONE loves a sprout!

Sprout Boy

There once was a sprout with love to give,
Looking for friends to spend Christmas with.

A baker he met whilst out and about,
Said ‘I love Christmas pudding, and would not go without,
But nobody ever liked a sprout’.

The toy maker was next to fill him with doubt,
‘I love Christmas gifts’ she was heard to shout,
‘But nobody ever liked a sprout’.

Soon a burley woodcutter, short and stout,
Said ‘I love Christmas trees and I always sell out,
But nobody ever liked a sprout’.

Then a voice said ‘Come join us’ inviting him in,
‘Take a seat, the fun is about to begin,
Together as ONE is what it’s about,
And at Christmas, everyone loves a sprout’.

For Christmas Together. BBC One.


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Passing Through

Passing Through

Normal people,
Passing by,
Normal persons,
I wonder why,
They never question,
Never see,
Cannot ponder,
You or me.


Their world is full,
Of senseless pain,
Pointless work,
That has no aim,
There is no rhyme,
Or reason why,
All they do is run,
Not try.


They need to stop,
To look around,
To take the time,
And feel the ground,
To see the sky above,
So blue,
To feel God’s love,
For them, so true.

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God is Love

Whoever does not love

Does not know God,

Because God is love.


The Tales of Beetle About.



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